Having worked as 3D Automotive Designer and Digital modeller for some of the worlds biggest companies over the past decade. I have developed a style over the past 10 years that is uniquely my own, That I wanted to convey only recently through emotionally charged paintings. 


The canvas’s are comprised of vertical and horizontal bands, tessellating blocks, geometrical forms and experimental prospectives. 

Simplification of my compositions and the use of repetitive forms such as grids, domes, rectangles, and lights echo the environment used in the creation of architectural and design models. In this way I strip back to the essential building blocks to build a structured landscape. 



Emotion is heightened through the placement of physically charged figures within this stripped back landscape. Within the disturbance between the figure and its landscape is the space I’m looking to explore in my work. 

They rage against each other simultaneously, the structure and the emotion, to create an intensity within this space.