The style of my work is heavily influenced by my background in car design. After a successful career in Germany and the U.K as a digital sculptor for some of the worlds leading automotive companies. I have begun to pursue a new creative avenue with painting. 



Painting allows me to express my visual language through emotionally charged work centred around desirability.



Practices that are used in digital design are carried into my work through certain design representation techniques. It becomes easier to understand my paintings once it’s apparent that I am not trying to create an image, but an object. Describing that to you through digital design techniques, form, manipulation, tactility, and the environment. 



The oil paintings I create are as big as my space allows me to work constructively. With only a few smaller works produced, I feel a sense of scale is important to convey  the quality of an object.



There is a sense of loneliness in my work, which is a result of me trying to place the subject in an environment that is more commonly seen in computer aided design. The environment is part of a process, a tool in its own right, this gives a sense the subject being unfinished, and in a stage of development. This lack of finality gives my work a sense of anxiety.



The depictions of depravity in my paintings as a device to create a savage appearance, this allows different interpretations. Ultimately I want my work to showcase the real horrors of desirability within modern societies, I seek to challenge how we perceive something as desirable.



Fundamentally through applying the tools I have practiced in design I am able to gamble on visual objects that are competent enough to provoke a narrative. 



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